Skorneg – Foehn

Skorneg - Foehn

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Skorneg – Foehn
CD, Malignant Records, 2014

Skorneg is a dark ambient project by Frederic Arbour known from the Cyclic Law label) and Montreal-based ambient/experimental artist Christian Corvellec (aka Skinwell).

Their debut “Foehn” is filled with 42 minutes of massive, haunting dronescapes and in-your -ace atmospherics that connect to various cold northern elements such as fierce winds, glaciers, and rugged, barren territories that shine of desolation.
This is a blackened, dense permafrost world built of and visualising very harsh conditions.The latter are sketched out in four tracks with a sense of terror, menace and foreboding running underneath constantly.

As I listened and experienced this stuff through headphones with my eyes closed, I envisioned a netherworld full of gloom and giant shadows passing by. Mind you the outcome is powerful and deep, slowly unfolding in a hypnotizing manner after a minimalist opening on each track. The title track sounds like massive nuclear machinery with churning industrial sonics.

I reckon “Foehn” is not for the faint-of-heart, but will appeal to drone fanatics who welcome the fantastic but aren’t scared easy.



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