Skoulaman – Andros Awakenings

Skoulaman - Andros Awakenings

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Skoulaman – Andros Awakenings
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

In the week after his live performance at UK’s Awakenings festival in October 2015, Hans van Kroonenburg (aka Skoulaman) worked very hard to have this album done for E-Live 2015, as he was offered to play there as well.

“Andros Awakenings” contains the 50-minute set played in the UK, consisting of four sequenced, vibrant Berlin School pieces. The sound and the way the sequences are used remind quite a bit of Rolf Trostel, while Hans also plays some piano along the electronic pads. In addition, some improvised e-guitar contained on two tracks enhances the sphere nicely. At first, a quiet mood settles on “Chinese Lakes” along some Vangelis flavours before the track is set in sequenced motion. It’s a pity several small mistakes happen during the live set, this track is no exception. The last track “Horizon” is the most energetic exercise on the recording, which sees the e-guitar being unleashed, covering Skoulaman’s faster-paced sequencer patterns and pads a bit too much.

Overlooking the whole outcome and considering his previous albums, I feel Skoulaman’s music turns out more balanced and solid when it’s fully electronic and accomplished in the studio.


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