Skoulaman – Mundus in Motu


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Skoulaman – Mundus in Motu
CD/Digital Download, Groove Unlimited, 2022

Dutch synthesist Hans van Kroonenburg keeps surprising me with how thoughtfully made his Berlin School-infused music is and the 74-minute “Mundus in Moto” is no exception.

The highly emotive yet sensitive moods already fly high on opener “If I could speak to my father again” (which was played live in a shutdown powerplant and later commissioned to the Raumzeit II project), followed by “Polymodular’s” sparkling, captivating moodscape with its lovely CS80 nods. To me, the latter track feels like an extraction of an extended piece. The next 45 minutes are made up of a quartet of tracks straying into an assortment of imaginary realms and far-off places that are simply infectious and delightful to the ear. The breathtakingly beautiful “Vesna” (Spring) is a true gem here when I’m concerned, but the 15-minute “Svetly” (Light) following in its footsteps for sure is a close second. All in all, “Mundus in Moto” is pure aural gratification for any Berlin School aficionado.


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