Skyscaper – Atmospheric Stratification [Rescape]

Skyscaper - Atmospheric Stratification [Rescape]

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Skyscaper – Atmospheric Stratification [Reshape]

This release was put out simultaneously with Mathias Grassow’s “The Dreamquest Sessions”. It’s made by label-owner, sound designer, composer and audio postproduction engineer Anders Peterson, also known for his mastering expertise found on almost all Gterma releases.

[Rescape] is a reinterpretation of the original “Atmospheric Stratification” album (originally released on Anders’ own Ghost Sounds label in 2012) with the help from several well known artists usually found in the dubtechno field.

The first three tracks -made up of fluid, tangible tapestries, undefined acoustic elements and assorted drone textures- create an aural landscape of lush, uplifting vapour as well as cosmic, ghostly calm and unease alternately. Thereafter, as spacious otherworldliness lingers on, some smooth, assorted grainy/organic ingredients as well as minimalist dub enter the stage briefly (also applying to the second last piece. Density starts building as does a darker (under)current as we enter the album’s last four tracks, though shifting to a warm, mellow drift on “Cosmic Rays”. To get the best out of this hypnotized-inducing trip, make sure you immerse into it through quality headphones.



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