Sleepresearch_Facility – Dead Weather Machine / Dead Weather Machine Re:Heat

Sleepresearch_Facility - Dead Weather Machine / Dead Weather Machine Re:Heat

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Sleepresearch_Facility – Dead Weather Machine / Dead Weather Machine Re:Heat
CD, Manifold Records, 2004

“Dead Weather Machine” is the second release by SleepResearch_Facility, aka Scotland-based ambient musician Kevin Doherty. Those familiar with his more recent endavours “Nostromo” and “Deep Frieze” know SleepResearch_Facility is a purveyor of slow morphing drone and sleep-conducive music.

The fascinating outcome of “Dead Weather Machine” is no exception. The source material of this deep listening release comes from a 3-minute recording of a misfiring heating unit (found as a hidden track at the tail of the album), which Kevin used as an exercise in sample manipulation.

During this extensive and thorough audio process of further dissecting and redefining the noise, only three or four powerful pieces of software were applied. The seven uninterrupted tracks (entitled “2.1” to “2.7”) making up “Dead Weather Machine”, best played at low volume, create a surreal, mysterious and intense sonic blanket.

While allowing the listener to create an aural environment of their own, the minimal and spacious soundscapes with distorted undercurrents reveal a slow but steady progression. In the end, it makes up a mesmerizing atmosphere and dark netherworld to dwell in.
Nowadays, it will be hard to track down this release, as “Dead Weather Machine” was put out as a limited edition cd of only 1000 copies.

Soon after finishing the album, Kevin revisited the recordings to do another extended treatment of the DWM-material. This led to the cd “Dead Weather Machine Re:Heat”. The 51-minute longform piece, “unconstrained by the notion of using separate tracks to define the project”, turned out to be a profound minimal and free drifting vehicle.


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