Sleepresearch_Facility – Nostromo

Sleepresearch_Facility - Nostromo

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Sleepresearch_Facility – Nostromo
CD, Cold Spring, 2007

“Nostromo” is actually a re-release of an album by Sleep Research Facility, aka Kevin Doherty, which was already put out in 2001.

It’s a concept album inspired by the spaceship Nostromo from the sf-movie “Alien”, and especially the mindblowing interior of it, which is featured in the first five minutes.
Kevin describes the quiet, slow morphing soundscape textures as “a simple exploration of the vast ship in all its quiet darkness”.

To me, the carefully sculptured and molded music that depicts the shaded atmospheres encountered on the ship actually feels like a living thing in all its foreboding, unsettling manner. This reissue also contains the bonus track “Narcissus”(which is the name of the escape ship Ripley uses to escape the Nostromo at the end of the film).

“Nostromo” is highly cinematic and above all a fascinating mind trip of haunting sonic scenery which no fan of free form ambient textural music should miss.


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