Sleepresearch_Facility – Stealth

Sleepresearch_Facility - Stealth

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Sleepresearch_Facility – Stealth
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Cold Spring, 2012

“Stealth”, a project commissioned for Cold Spring-label, is the long overdue project by UK sound sculpture Kevin Doherty, aka SleepResearch_Facility.

It’s another deep ambient journey committed to the exploration of sound, this time inspired by one of the most mysterious aircraft of the twentieth-century. The outcome is basically a hack/remix of some audio made out of location recordings captured inside the hangar environs of a B2 stealth bomber during a period of downtime maintenance at a UK air force base, along with some pilot chatter and telemetry lifted from the internet.

The 57-minutes of quiet mysterious semblance and dark drone soundscapes are presented in five chapters, all carefully and seamlessly glued together. This is a foggy and otherworldly affair where smooth noise and vast drone textures morph along to hypnotizing but also alienating and surreal effect.

With “Stealth’s” last chapter, my personal highlight, one enters the full spacious environment of the project. To fully immerse in these dense, soft soaring but not too gloomy spheres, one should listen on low volume with a good pair of headphones, while keeping ready to travel into the deep end, the edgy and the suspenseful.

The first batch of 1000 copies of “Stealth” holds a bonus disc containing the pre-mix of “Stealth”: original, un-edited material Kevin was given to mix, meant as a representation of the source audio from which the whole album was reconstituted.
Those who love deep listening, make sure you dig this album!

P.S. Available as free download from Kevin’s own site is “Spirit of Missouri”: this exists as a further additional element to the project, and is an extension of the ideas which gave rise to the SleepResearch_Facility mixes found on the primary disc.


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