Slow Dancing Society – Priest Lake Circa ’88

Slow Dancing Society - Priest Lake Circa '88

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Slow Dancing Society – Priest Lake Circa ’88
CD, Hidden Shoal Recordings, 2008

Slow Dancing Society is a project of Washington-based musician and producer Drew Sullivan, who’s music is released through the Australian independent music label Hidden Shoal Recordings.

“Priest Lake Circa ’88”, his third full-length album, is filled with gentle and warm ambient music and glistening guitars, nicely following in the footsteps of ambient-master Brian Eno.
As can be expected, the carefully moulded textural music is given all the time and space to wander, evolve and flow.

Presented in eight seperate tracks, ranging between 2 and 14 minutes, these calming washes of sound glide gently down the stream, creating a quiet, introspective atmosphere to almost disappear in.
I think those who e.g. appreciate David Sylvian’s instrumental pieces on “Go to Earth” should make sure to pay this album a visit.

All in all, I recommend this well produced, overall immersive soundscape experience, which is available as cd and 256kbps mp3 download.



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