Solar Fields – Origin #1

Solar Fields - Origin #01

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Solar Fields – Origin #01
CD, Ultimae Records, 2010

With “Origin #1”, Solar Fields aka Magnus Birgersson brings us the first chapter in a series of four albums, of which all music is derived from his studio archive of the last ten years.

The release (which comes in a two parts digifile, a kind of budget cd-release) takes off with the gliding, immersive and chill-out “Silent Walking”, featuring some gradual flowing textural pads. The strong second piece “Unite” sets things into unhurried motion with a mix of atmospheric, elevating synth textures and e-guitar, while a slow singing Magnus shows up on “Bigger Stream”.
The sound design of “Almost there” turns to the soft, chill-out side again with its finely tuned sound progression, followed by “Next Waiting”, which displays a down-tempo rhythm with a beautiful analogue edge. Thereafter, the airy and evocative “Embraced” and the driven, down-tempo “Going In” form a second highlight on the album (although Magnus messes up the ending of the latter track).

A bit of a deranged sound spectrum also applies to “Automatic Sun”, where a sedate, harmonic melody is pushed aside by experimental rhythmic patterns and effects. Luckily, “Reborn” pulls things back into down-tempo territory, but the squeezing fx’s and distorted guitar bits don’t make it end up as a smooth ride. “Oct” puts a mediocre end to “Origin #1” with a minimal Rolf Trostel-like sequence and swirling pads.

All in all, I’m not 100% convinced by the sonic content of this album and the direction it takes, although there are a few very pleasing tracks on “Origin #1”.


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