Solar Fields – Origin #2

Solar Fields - Origin #2

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Solar Fields – Origin #2
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ulimae Records, 2013

With “Origin #2”, Solar Fields (aka Swedish composer Magnus Birgersson) presents the second chapter of retrospective tracks fitting in the atmospheric/downbeat/chill-out realm as the first one, this time featuring tracks by composed between 2003 and 2009.
I remember the rather awkward listening experience when I submerged in the sonic flow of from “Origin #1” a few years back, leaving a rather unfulfilled and inconsistent feel afterwards.

So how’s “Origin #2” doing? Well, on this volume the diverse music of Mr Birgersson further evolves into the shapes and depth as is known as typical Solar Fields: groovy, driven while also getting into uplifting, ethereal territory with his deep-wave electronica. “Landform” for sure makes a very nice entrance, but the psychedelic “Mystic Science” just isn’t making such an interesting 8-minute listen.

“Active Sky” and “Echo” turn up the groovy lane, setting things in steady, bouncy motion, while an elevating mood is created on the expansive sounding “Unknown Presence”. After that, “Surface” just feels bland, empty and uninspired. At first, “Lifebook” also seemed a weak effort due to its long, dreary intro, but when things grew into a symphonic sound I again recognized Solar Fields trade mark.

Massive and deep textures surface on the slightly melancholic, more melodic and steady-driven “The Missing”. It’s a real gem. This applies even more to the impressive and very emotive “Falling Shadows” coming next, in which Magnus refers to a life-threatening moment in his own life a few years earlier. “Asteroid”, the final piece on the album, feels inconsistent, weird and unfinished.

The downside of “Origin #2” though remains the ten tracks don’t really fit together, acting as a sketchbook of various interesting ideas and movements in Solar Fields years of existence.
All in all, the whole album left me with mixed feeling.


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