Solar Fields – Ourdom

Solar Fields - Ourdom

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Solar Fields – Ourdom
CD/LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Droneform Records/Sidereal, 2018

Here’s finally a new album by Swedish electronica artist Magnus Birgersson, released about six years after his last regular album “Random Friday”. Written entirely in his second home base South Africa, the 80-minute “Ourdom” displays Solar Fields unique sound ranging from downtempo beats, dynamic-spiced currents and gentle melodies to epic-ish cinematic stuff somewhat in vein of “Where we meet the sky”.

In all there are 13-tracks seamlessly melding into each other forming a descriptive shapeshifting soundpicture with many details as it unwinds. Next to rather serene ambiences such as “Wave Cascade” and “Sirens Song of Glass”, the energetic and dynamic shake hands on e.g. “Moving Lines” or the catchy 15-minute “Mountain King” (after its 5-minute intro).

Overall I’d say “Ourdom” doesn’t sound as convincing as his works from the Ultimae days while it also seriously lacks the thoughtfull, precise mastering techniques delivered by that same label. So beware if you’re a fan of classic Solar Fields by checking it out first before purchase.


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