Solar Fields – Until we meet the Sky

Solar Fields - Until we meet the Sky

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Solar Fields – Until we meet the Sky
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ultimae Records, 2011

Almost on the brink of 2012, Ultimae Records released Solar Fields 10th album “Until we meet the sky”, a title that suggests quite a spacious kind of ambient. On the other hand, this recording also connects to Solar Fields album “Movements”, but on an undefinable level.

“Until we meet the sky” is a cinematic album containing a one track story in twelve “phases” from nightscapes to the sky. It features slow moving, introspective sonic scenery assembled of rather blissful and floating textural dronescapes along occasional sustained piano on the first half. From the fifth track on, some down-tempo beats and intrinsic movements start to show up, but the lofty spaces keep filling the biggest part of each “phase”.

This is otherworldly music with a minimal and abstract touch that needs a couple of extra spins due to its continuous adventurous and quirky undercurrents along a strong “active mode” shimmering through. I also keep feeling the way certain sonic motifs are unfolding is quite strange and surprising (“Night City Traffic”). Others though, such as “Dialogue with a River”, still remain to lead nowhere. At the end of the album, the massive “Until we meet the sky” makes the sky open up magnificenty, followed by the smooth “Epilogue” nicely winding things down.

Most of all, the almost 79-minute “Until we meet the sky” is no easy piece of cake. It demands an attentive listening attitude (headphones most certainly recommended) to grasp all details along the strange curls and twists happening in the lush, excellently mastered and produced sound constellations.


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