Solar Ocean – Enter Serenity

Solar Ocean - Enter Serenity

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Solar Ocean – Enter Serenity
CD, Gterma, 2011

Solar Ocean is an ambient drone project by a 19-year old Russian musician called Eugene, residing beyond the Urals.

The 37-minute mini-album “Enter Serenity” ties emotion, drone textures and a sense of comfort together in four uninterrupted parts. It offers the listener a highly minimal and slowly evolving soundscape journey floating into a deep, endless and warm ocean.

Besides some slightly distorted sounding sonic layers in “Part 1”, the free drifting but also overall dense and cloudy pads here come in soft shimmering waves. On the final part, it seems things are submersing to an even deeper level along some soft morphing machine drones.

All together, “Enter Serenity” makes a short voyage into the vast expanse, providing a different and rather unusual mood of comfort and serenity (Eugene likes to describe it as endless warm depth).
This recording though could have done without some crackles occasionally popping up in the third part.

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