Solaris – Aeon V

Solaris - Aeon V

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Solaris –  Aeon V
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Synphaera Records, 2017

The US Synphaera-label is known for their high-quality ambient releases, some fitting into (or inspired by) cosmic space music. Solaris is a collaborative effort between sound forgers Strahinja Maletic (one half of Fourth Dimension) and Don Tyler (member of Ascendant) leading its listeners into an alternate world of contemplation, shifting dimensions and mystery.

Their debut recording “Aeon V” is an enchanting, slow evolving and expansive dreamjourney occuring on various levels where the delicate, calm and profound blend in harmonic constellations. Melody is often absent here contrary the various dense textures and lucid soundscapes sketched out during the rather enigmatic 67-minute ride that seems to suspend in time occasionally.

Overall I feel the excellent produced and mixed “Aeon V” is not that easy to tune into at first but the sense of reward will surface most definately in the second half where “Dominant” stirrs the magic space thrill.  From there the carefully molded spheres have had time to massage the listener’s ears and mesmerize them gradually as it taps further into the deep end.




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