Solitaire – Fearless

Solitaire - Fearless

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Solitaire – Fearless
CD, Recycle or Die, 1995

At the time of release, this album was presented as ambient music shifting between various cultures and ages. Sonically, Solitaire’s album “Fearless” sees a switch to more progressive-oriented electronic music with a minimal edge. As a whole though, it’s quite weird and halucinogenic listening experience.

Distorted guitar textures already fly by in opener in the rather one-dimensional sounding “One Small Step..”, while cyclic tribal drums along airy textures make up the static “Tribes”. Ghostly, darkening spheres and a pulse-beat start off on the 12-minute “Eclipse”, followed by a minimal tribal-drum pattern, some didj-noises and lush monk chant. This is peculiar stuff. On “Soleil”, the air seems to open up a bit, but strange samples and a tribal rhythm still don’t make up a consistent whole despite a few promising textural soundscape leads heard near the end.

The title piece is a 19-minute slow morphing soundscape affair along sample food where the uncanny and psychedelic reign. At the 11-minute mark, a stronger and more captivating moodscape sets in alongside sampled tribal percussion still moving in a minimal framework. Skilled multi-instrumentalist Amir Baghiri along a female vocalist join the duo on the final track “Awakening”. These ethnic flavours sound more focussed, balanced and ethereal in shape and make best part of the album for me. Compared to its predecessors, “Fearless” is an odd and totally different beast I confess still can’t adjust to.

P.S. The tracks “Eclipse”, “Soleil” und “Fearless” were all featured in the Hollywood movie “Blade”, but didn’t lead to further work for soundtracks.


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