Solitaire – Nocturnes

Solitaire - Nocturnes

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Solitaire – Nocturnes
CD, Arya, 1997

“Noctures” sees a continuation of the minimal, tribal-infused ambient by the German duo Schulte/Gleisberg as known from previous works, but with a slightly livier vibe discernable between the Eastern-spiced drony tapestries and hypnotizing rhythms.

The addition of female vocals evokes something ethereal, while the mood also shifts to psychedelic/gothic realms occasionally (“Simulation of Gods”). Contrary to that, “One Minute Warning” is a far too easy and uninspired exercise. The contributions of Amir Baghiri appear valuable on two tracks, giving them a nice sonic expansion and depth within the still minimal sonic framework. Next, a combo of floating drones and static tribal rhythms proves effective on the 11-minute “Drift”, the longest track on the release. On “Spirit Cave” and “Revelation”, the atmosphere of primal tribe even deepens a bit further.

All in all, although covering a bit of the same sonic ground as its predecessor, “Noctures” proves more satisfying and expressive in the end.


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