Something Completely Different – Book Of Love

Something Completely Different - Book Of Love

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Something Completely Different – Book Of Love
CD, Invisible Shadows, 2003

Almost around the same time as “The Last Gate” was released, the album “Book of Love” also came out on the same label.

This cd contains 78:30 minutes of vintage music, divided over 14 accessible tracks. Again, the musical approach is quite original, as Boele Gerkes’ output still is full of straight forward sequencing, great fx’s and nice melodies.

Tracks 3,4 and 10 stay rather close to what’s heard on Ian Boddy’s winning album “The Uncertainty Principle”. Only the piece “41” sounded a bit too freaky to my ears.
The background of the sixth track made me think of TD’s “21st Century Common man”, while “A Floating Axe” offers some powerful sounds and effects.
Tracks 12 and 13 show traces of TD’s ’80 period.

All in all, I enjoyed the outcome on this cd (for which Mike Andrews did the re-mastering) quite a lot.


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