Something Completely Different – Megacatz

Something Completely Different - Megacatz

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Something Completely Different – Megacatz
CD, Invisible Shadows, 2001

“Megacatz”, the debut cd by Boele Gerkes, is a compilation cd featuring music made in previous years.

The 53-minute outcome is a mixed bag offering 14 melodic songs which are not as sophisticated as the ones found on Boele’s next to albums “The Last Gate” and “Book of Love”, but his compositional style is already clear and in progress.

I prefer his more emotive, quieter approach such as “Languages”, although the joy and energy coming from opener “Microwaves 1999”, the uptempo/dance/Kraftwerkian “S.O.S.” and the symphonic/melodic “The End of the World” is also infectious, not to forget the drive set out by “Sequenced”. A strong point on the release is the piano-led approach followed occasionally (“Megacatz IV” and “Love”), although the piano itself sounds rather flat.

In the end, lots of ideas are poured out on the varied but also a bit thin and bolt sounding “Megacatz”, where contemporary and vintage flavours meet with quite some potential.


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