Somnarium – The Fourth Presence

Somnarium - The Fourth Presence

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Somnarium – The Fourth Presence
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Dark Winter, 2009

Somnarium’s 50-minute “The Fourth Presence”, inspired by the works of Dante and Lustmord, takes its listeners on an otherworldly trip into dense and darker spaces.

The outcome are six free form pieces of headphone music with slow evolving, textural landscapes linked by processed guitar experimentations, featuring the occasional use of field recordings as source material including random radio static. The spacious realm and slow but progressive alterations in the various sonic layers embedded within the slightly drony soundscape music keep things vibrant and interesting all the way.

While immersing into the quite intense “The Fourth Presence” it almost seems the outskirts of the cosmos are lying just around the corner. Michael Meara, aka Somnarium, did another fine job here.

The album is available as free download from the Darkwinter netlabel.



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