Sonic Adventure Project – Exergonic

Sonic Adventure Project - Exergonic

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Sonic Adventure Project – Exergonic
CD, Starmill, 2004

For quite a while electronic chill-out music is around, to which we now also can add the band Sonic Adventure Project, alias the Austrian duo Peter Köllerer and Thomas Vieböck.
They are co-producers of several new acts in the Austrian popscene and also made music for videogames and websites.

“Exergonic” (meaning: releasing energy) is a 60-minute album of rather chill-out oriented music which brings Moby, Delerium, Venja and vaguely the British duo Deep Sky Divers to mind.
Their well-produced relaxing downbeat music offers warm, harmonious pads of sounds fused with bass-beats, some sequencers, piano-keys etc. on which subtle rhythms put the icing.

“Inner Journey” features some gracious female vocals, but in a way the instrumental music didn’t really stick on my mind, as it ranges from jazzy easy listening (“Above the City”) to rather fierce (“Sitarian Supernova”). In between, there are some easy-going, not that special tracks which will surely appeal to a wide market.
But I like the delicate atmosphere created in “Forty Two” which even gets an extended treat of 11 minutes at the end of the album.
The sedative closing track “Four Notes” is also a very nice one next to the lush composition “Waters in Motion”.

Nonetheless, I’m convinced this “feel-good”-like music will appeal to a large audience.



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