Sonic Metro – Six Dregrees of Separation

Sonic Metro - Six Dregrees of Separation

Release data:

Sonic Metro – Six Dregrees of Separation
CD-R, Private Release, 2007

“Six Degrees in Seperation” is the debut album of Sonic Metro, aka the Dutch musician Peter Leijdsman.
He formerly played guitar, drums and piano bit before he decided to switched to electronics. A whole new musical world presented itself, opening up totally new horizons.

The instrumental album features 11 attractive & well produced tracks, presenting a rather uptempo mix of various trance & downtempo styles. The cd nicely kicks-off by with straight-forward opener “Mind Sphere”, followed by the smoothly sounding “Cappucccino Girl” before moving in the relaxed sounding of “Urban Scapes”.
In the following tracks, Sonic Metro aptly continues his journey in electronic trancy-like music.
Near the end we find the laid-back dance track “Clouds”, which starts in quiet smooth atmospheric textures but soon developing in a subtile, melodic groovy music.

By all means, this artist and his music is certainly worth checking out.



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