Soundician – L.S.

Soundician - L.S.

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Soundician – L.S.
CD-R, Private Release, 2009

After a bit longer hiatus than normal, September 14 saw the release of “L.S.”, the seventh album by Kit and Odette Johnson, aka Soundician.
Based on the work of painter L.S. Lowry (known for his industrial landscapes of British Manchester), the English duo says about the music to “expect something different with a Soundician voice”.

This album indeed sounds different from their previous work, as it has a strong spherical approach with lots of underpinning melancholic undercurrents and soft shimmering soundscapes.

Especially tracks such as “Skipping Ropes” and “Hypnotic Gray” breath a strong sense longing, contemplation and the memory of good memories of days gone by. Other pieces are quiet, and detailed sonic paintings in their own right, smoothly going by in an unhurried space.

This eclectic mix of well-rendered electronic minimalism is hard to describe, so best check out some soundbites on the band’s site to get an idea of this album.


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