Soundician – Seven Sisters

Soundician - Seven Sisters

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Soundician – Seven Sisters
CD-R, Private Release, 2004

“Seven Sisters” is the fourth album by the English duo Odette and Kit Johnson aka Soundician. The music tracks were written as a suite, inspired by a Neolithic burial site near their home with seven trees on top of the mound (which were used as the title of the album).

Like their former albums, Soundician’s atmospheric music is rather difficult to describe, which this time brings together elements from folk, world and ethnic music.

The title track opens the album, leading the way to music wherein diverse cyclic elements pass by next to slightly haunting atmospheres.
To me the best part of the album are tracks 4 through 7, which are introspective and a bit melancholic in nature. They also have a certain heavenly touch as they go by.
“Procession” opens with a strong flavour of worldmusic before it gets a softer touch as the textures come in.

“Seven Sisters” dares to experiment with different elements and atmospheres, so you might call it a form of progressive ambientmusic. Soundclips are available on their website


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