Soundician – Still

Soundician - Still

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Soundician – Still
CD-R, Private Release, 2007

“Still” is the sixth release by the duo Odette and Kit Johnson, which was officially released on the January 25th, 2008.

The album is an almost 40-minute trip of slightly darkening and contemplative soundscapes compositions. After all these years their style is still quite hard to pinpoint, although one always recognises the glimpes of rough edges, minimalism and experimentalism.

The track “Pearl” e.g. is a slow 3-minute quiet drifter with nicely moulded textures, followed by the lush, plucking, but a bit flat soundings of “Seagrass”.
“Seal” even creates a dreamy, psychedelic feel as its shapeshifting waves go by, while my album’s personal favourite “Seashell” moves into lush, soft whirling textural territory.

“Still” is an electic and inspirational recording that isn’t always that accessible, so best check out some soundbites on CD-Baby to get a better feel of its content.


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