Soundician – Tranquilicity

Soundician - Tranquilicity

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Soundician – Tranquilicity
CD-R, Private Release, 2003

“Tranquilicity” contains a special melange of rather challenging ambient music from this Scottish duo.

“Freefall” offers an inviting welcome, followed by the laidback and light atmosphere of “Cherryblossom” with a great melody that runs the surface.
“Adrift” is a piece of traditional ambient music with distinct, soft dwelling soundscapes and echoing piano-keys, and the same style also applies to “Leviathan” (although a certain underwater-feel is apparent).

“Glide” is an airy piece of music, taking the listener on a 3-minute journey above the clouds. “Kradle” is a different story with its penetrating, sampled flute sounds, and a bit harsh to my taste.

“Canopy” takes a dive into ambient textural landscape, but also features some remarkable sequence patterns. “Starfish” is a nice, rhythmic track giving an almost happy feeling again, before “Waltz No3” concludes the album in a classical way, carrying vague traces of the soundtrack “Bilitis”.

“Tranquilicity” offers something for every fan of nowadays ambient music, so make sure to give this cd or the soundbites on their website a listen.


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