Soundician – Wise Trees

Soundician - Wise Trees


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Soundician – Wise Trees
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD EP, Private Release, 2015

Since the beginning of 2000, the UK-duo Soundician writes and produces their own style of electronic music, a perculiar as eclectic mix of electronic minimalism and experimental/classical alongside a touch of ambient/space and lush melodic EM.

According to the liner notes, the EP “Wise Trees” is a sonic interpretation of the poem “The Winter Trees” by William Carlos Williams. As was the case on the bands previous recordings, the five-track/26-minute instrumental outcome is a bit hard to pinpoint.

In this case, I’d say there’s something dreamy, elevating and magical happening in the gentle ambiences in which I also sense a certain nocturnal realm occasionally. There are several subtle sensitivities at work in the haunting ambient minimalism, touching the surreal and enigmatic on “A Sure Winter” and “Cold Sleep”. Halfway the latter, a static rhythm and sequences pop up along a light melody taking off effortless. A slightly mournfull and melancholic sphere hovers over slow piano keys on the closing title piece, making the beautiful dream ambience dissolve like perfume.

I must confess I’m impressed by this very cool, tasteful and balanced ambient gem in a nutshell, with the outro piece as a highlight. Make sure you listen to this in a quiet environment and use quality headphones to curl up, immerse completely.

Contrary to all previous releases, this Ep is only available as a download (complete or as single tracks) from e.g. CD Baby or other online outlets.


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