Various Artists – Soundscape Gallery Series One

Soundscape Gallery Series One


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Various Artists – Soundscape Gallery Series One
CD, Lektronik Soundscapes, 1996

“Soundscape Gallery Series One” comprises some excellent, not previously released ambient/space tracks by Jonn Serrie, Todd Fletcher, A Produce, Giles Reaves, Vidna Obmana, Robert Rich, Tony Gerber en Steve Roach.

Although sticking to their own style, all musicians give their best to deliver an atmospheric, introspective and overall spacious outing.
Of all tracks, Giles Reaves “Sirius” opens up the heavens for me with its soft dwellings and beautifully rendered xylophone-sounds (which made me think of Richard Burmer’s music), while Vidna Obmana’s piece nicely follows the sonic path explored on his cd “River of Appearance”.

All in all, these floating electronic tapestries are an absolute must-have for fans.


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