Spacecraft – Evening Star

Spacecraft - Evening Star  


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Spacecraft – Evening Star
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Valley View Records, 2021

A trip into textural, fluid space, a cosmic place of solace is what is awaiting you on the 48-minute “Evening Star” by Rishi Bhatia aka Spacecraft. There’s a calm, soft glowing atmosphere found on each of the 10 tracks unfolding in slow motion, best listened to on low volume. “Celestial”, a single made in collaboration with Lauge, is a very nice example of this.Throughout the release, the ethereal shakes hands gently with the elevating, most notably on gradually building “Ascent” found at the end.

Suffice to say “Evening Star” ticks many boxes for aficionados of ambient-space music featuring expansive drone pads fused with dreamy, celestial vibes.



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