Spacecraft – Hummel

Spacecraft - Hummel

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Spacecraft – Hummel
CD, Lektronik Soundscapes, 1998

On “Hummel”, Tony Gerber, Diane Timmons and John Rose (aka Spacecraft) persue their journey through the fantastic and the cosmic, clinging to improvised, unstructured space music with psychedelic, rough edges.

The 70-minute recording is the outcome of a live performance at the Hummel Planetarium at Eastern Kentucky University, USA, firmly addressing outerspace environs. It doesn’t feel that harmonic or easy at first hand, but carries faint elements also encountered on TD’s begin and mid ’70’s recordings.

The most-balanced of the eight tracks is the 14-minute, Berlin-infused, densly sequenced title track encountered halfway.The other aren’t lead by distinct melodic lines, instead containing weird noises merged with drifting, lush synth pads and wailing e-guitar that never end up that sweet.

Personally, I don’t like Diane’s flat, thin and distracting female singing on several pieces. In addition, the space music sounds weary to my ears and proves much less cosmic-atmospheric and “planetary-worthy” as I expected. No, in the end “Hummel” doesn’t work for me, but maybe it will for others.



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