Sphäre Sechs – Beta Pictoris

Sphäre Sechs - Beta Pictoris

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Sphäre Sechs – Beta Pictoris
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Cryochamber, 2021

German synthesists Martin Stürtzer and Christian Stritzel make a great duo as they continue their exploration of the cosmic expanse under the Sphäre Sechs moniker.  From the promo blurb, I learned they pulled off an improvisational online concert played from two different cities and gathered material in preparation for this event.  Their approach to recording music only during improvised studio sessions with a large set of analogue gear leads to this space ambient transmission.

From the opening track, the listener is pulled smoothly into the great galactic beyond, gliding effortlessly through the lightness and depth of the imminent spheres, for me reaching a pinnacle on the soothing, 11-minute “Infrared Emission”. There though are some darker textural atmospheres passing by on “Beta Pectoris”, such as “Exosolar” and “Unstable Orbit”, the album’s final tracks. Again, headphone listening is recommended.

Website: www.phelios.bandcamp.com

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