Sphäre Sechs – Transient Lunar Phenomenon

Sphäre Sechs - Transient Lunar Phenomenon

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Sphäre Sechs – Transient Lunar Phenomenon
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Cryo Chamber, 2019

The quality space-ambient of the German duo Sphäre Sechs stands out for its profound as well as cinematic quality. The result on their 50-minute “Transient Lunar Phenomenon” -recorded live during a studio session in winter 2018- continues the path taken on “Particle Void”.

This time around the music focuses on changes in appearance on the lunar surface of unknown origin. We proceed our journey through mesmering galactic expanses without things getting pitch dark or scary. In these otherworldly environs attentively crafted tapestries of drifting, morphing textures and drone soundscapes with mystic (under)currents go by slowly. Headphone-listening is recommended to immerse best in this travelogue through infinite, cold space. Keep in mind the physical version of “Transient Lunar Phenomenon” is limited to 400 copies.

Website: http://cryochamber.bandcamp.com


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