Spiraleye – Still

Spiraleye - Still

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Spiraleye – Still
CD-R, Private Release, 2009

“Still” is the second release of Spiraleye, aka synthesist Peter Challoner and guitarist Neale Haddon.

As their debut release “The space between”, the seven pieces on “Still” again feature live improvised recordings, but this time the 70-minute outcome is much more a contemplative ambient affair.
It slowly moves forward in quiet, inbetween spaces with its softy cascading and shimmering soundscapes and reverberating, processed guitar textures.
In that way, the Eno-esque music (highlighted by the soothing 20-minute “Zero Point Energy”) matches the band’s description of the release: pure ambient soundscapes producing texture, atmosphere, space and stillness.

Website: www.spiraleye-music.co.uk


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