Spyra – ADSR Remixed

Spyra - ADSR Remixed

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Spyra – ADSR Remixed
CD MAXI, Ricochet Dream, 2010

This 25-minute EP (a limited edition of 500 copies) contains the track “ADSR” in four different mixes. Three are by Spyra, the other is done by Ashra’s Steve Baltes.

The remix version at the start is the one that connects the most to contemporary electronic music in the catchy style we know from Spyra, while Baltes version turns the piece into a groovy techno/dance piece.
Spyra “S 136 remix” is next, an up-tempo outing with a steady beat, after which the 4-minute “R-Dub Mix” slows things down in a mellow, down-tempo style.

“ADSR Remixed” is a well-produced maxi album for those who love something groovy.

Website: www.derspyra.de

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