Spyra – Dunst

Spyra - Dunst


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Spyra – Dunst
CD/Digital Download, Groove Unlimited, 2018

Referred to as the follow-up album of “Staub” (2014), Wolfram Spyra takes his listeners on a trip of energetic contemporary electronics on “Dunst”, coming up with a fresh approach of the classic Berliner Schule sound of KS and TD for nowadays’ audiences.

As such the striking outcome offers various chances to reach younger audiences with bits of “positive force” scattered all over its 71-minute playing time. It’s all due to a thoughtful and fascinating kaleidoscope of tantalizing sequencer patterns, beats, samples, sound effects, clicks, minimalist structures along an assortment of captivating soundscapes all presented in spatial, profound dynamic sound quality.

On the title track, bouncing motion and mellow dance shake hands in a beautiful, hypnotizing manner. “Alte Kunst” and “Staub Part II”, found in the second half of the release, shift into a tad higher gear while firing off a further upfront and complex sounddesign before “Intangible” journeys back to moodier, introspective-oriented Berlin School soundings. All in all, “Dunst” makes exciting, straightforward and spiced-up electronic music for the here and now.


Website: www.derspyra.de

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