Spyra – Etherlands

Spyra - Etherlands

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Spyra – Etherlands
CD, Fax Records/Ambient World, 1999

“Etherlands”, dedicated to all pirate radio stations, is one of the well-made albums by German synthesist Wolfram Spyra. Its music merges elements of Berlin School and ambient-techno in a most sophisticated, compelling manner, logically continuing the sonic storyline where “Sferics” left us. While a bit awkward dance-techno kicks in on opener “The Synthesizer Experience”, some great instrumental cosmic/krautrock served on “Six miles south of Hastings”.

Groovy, deep bass lines, beats, acoustic drums, innovative rhythms, atmospheric interference, speece samples and a very nice blend of warm, old school synthesizer sounds are featured on the other seven tracks. “Birds on the Wire”, “Monotonous Stereo Part I”, “Etherlands part II” and “Mellotron Etude” make the standout pieces for me on the album.

Website: www.derspyra.de

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