Spyra – Gasoline 91 Octane

Spyra - Gasoline 91 Octane

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Spyra – Gasoline 91 Octane
CD, Manikin Records, 2008

Wolfram “Der” Spyra” continues his successful Berliner-School inspired sonic explorations with “Gasoline 91 Octane”, released April 4th 2008, which contains six wonderful electronic compositions.
The almost 63-minute album is the first part of a trilogy inspired by Spyra’s many travels by car when he has to drive to concert venues or sonic art exhibitions.

“Shirogane” sets out in a mellow vein, in which the well-known Spyra-ingredients are implemented. “Rantum Randon” shifts to third gear, presenting an up-tempo, playful tune and a nice piano lead.

The 16-minute “Operation PPG” is the first highlight on the album with its warm sonic textures, sequenced sections, drums/percussion and mellotron solo. In the second part of this track, the famous Spyra-cello is also shortly featured.
Mellow, unhurried synth-pads with piano and bass lines return on “Treskow Bridge”.

“Below 20”, clocking at 19 minutes, is the second highlight on the cd. It’s a relaxed, rhythmic drive with nice pulsating sequencing, vintage choirs and effects.
As a sort of bonus track, the album ends with the dynamic “Elektrik” version of the “Future of the Past”.

This album is a sure bet for any Spyra-fan!

Website: www.derspyra.de

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