Spyra/Lang – Achtundsechzig 24 (Live@Toskana-Therme)

Achtundsechzig 24 (Live@Toskana-Therme)

Release data:

Spyra/Lang – Achtundsechzig 24 (Live@Toskana-Therme)
CD, Manikin Records, 2003

With this release the duo Spyra/Lang has come up with a fine work of long form, sequencer-driven and rather trancy Berlin School music carrying the spirit of both vintage and contemporary Schulze as a kind of torch throughout the whole outcome.

Compared to Klaus’ modern work, there’s actually no dull moment in the vast soundscape of captivating spheres, water elements and an always evolving string of synth pads and lovely sequencer patterns. These all prove quite trance-inducing and rather groovy during various passages. In addition, the sound of Spyra’s steel cello and various vocal textures/samples are also implemented in the pace-shifting, emotive sounding outcome.

For me, the bonus piece, a studio rehearsal for “Weltglockengeläut 2003”, turns out 8 minutes of rather uninspired chill-out. I for one would have left this filler out in favor of the previous 60-minute effort.


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