Spyra/Lang – SeQuest

Spyra/Lang - SeQuest

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Spyra/Lang – SeQuest
CD, Ricochet Dream, 2010

“SeQuest” is a 66-minute album by Chris Lang and Spyra assembling four lengthy live tracks played on different occasions.
The outcome though follows nicely in the footsteps of Spyra’s latest releases, being overall expressive and lively, creating lots of atmospheres on the way.

To me, the album most of all is proof what a versatile and talented musician Spyra has become over a decade or so. Each new effort sees him slightly broadening his horizon but most of all refining his skills in paving sonic paths that weave evocative synth pads with pulsating sequencer patterns, rhythms and the cello sounds of bow chimes.

The heritage from the Berliner School is obvious in the almost 30-minute “Last Train to Holmberg III”, the highlight on the album for me. Here, thrilling choir pads and enthralling sequencer patterns embrace catchy rhythms and contemporary sounds.
Strings of solos and heavy bass lines appear as we move through captivating moods and various energy levels.

Being absorbed by this and the other three tracks, I unfortunately noticed several bum notes and a few colliding sonic passages, of which I just wished they didn’t happen.
Well, hell with that, that’s “live”, but therefore it also get 3,5 stars instead of 4…

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