Spyra – Little Garden of Sound 2022

Spyra - Little Garden of Sound 2022

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Spyra – Little Garden of Sound 2022
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2022

Spyra´s “Little Garden of Sound 2022” (Monotonous Music For Stereophile Listeners) is a pure and honest dedication to classic Berlin School music and Klaus Schulze in particular. The work itself is a sonic art exhibition with interactive sound sculptures that premiered in July 2022 in Kassel, Germany.

Clocking over 70 minutes, it features a lovely display of vintage, overall mellow sounds dressed with various exciting, almost euphoric solo voices, and smooth sequences that all come and goes in waves and through various tempo structures. Along the way, all kinds of samples and vocal snapshots are thrown in. This said; the way Wolfram shapes his modern ambient electronica -bridging his own style with retro electronica- out of an assemblage of rhythmic and melodic components as well as occasional experimental/contrasting passages, is fascinating but also hard to pinpoint. I for one really dig the album’s first two tracks. Rest assured though this album’s peculiar blend of post-Berlin School analogue electronics will trigger the senses in multiple, often unexpected, ways.

Website: derspyra.de

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