Stand Alone Complex – Music for Suicides

Stand Alone Complex - Music for Suicides

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Stand Alone Complex – Music for Suicides
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Arctic Waste Records, 2010

Stand Alone Complex is multi-instrumentalist Michael Lewis from Winnipeg, Canada, who founded the project in 2008.
His debut album “Music for Suicides” is presented as a neo-classical, industrial and down-tempo electronica soundtrack for the mind, a complex, mind-altering, trance-inducing sound experience representing a journey through the deepest, darkest pits of hell.

Miscellaneous elements from all across the electronic map are melted together, glueing slow grooves, orchestral outings, glitch-symphonic parts and ambient textures together in this peculiar instrumental down-tempo effort.

The composer refers to the outcome as “delicately crushing piano explorations on a background of moody and yet sexy beats and vibrating strings and sounds”.
To me, it’s a strange mixed bag of which I didn’t grab the faintest clue.



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