Star Sounds Orchestra – Kosmophonon

Star Sounds Orchestra - Kosmophonon

Release data:

Star Sounds Orchestra – Kosmophonon
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Mellowjet Records, 1992/2007

Originally released in 1992 on CMS Music, “Kosmophonon” is a symphonic ambient/space music album by Star Sound Orchestra, aka Jens Zygar and Steve Schroyder (who briefly was part of Tangerine Dream in the early 70s).

The album features seven planetary tuned pieces, apparently based on the cosmic octaves, of which the first four turn out as quite lyrical chill-out/new age. The fifth track “Ironman (Mars)” enters rather weird and freaky territory though with a heavy rhythms and symphonic outbursts, a style that continues on the following track “Plutonia”. Fortunatey, the smooth ambient/space realm returns on the final track “Hippios (Neptune)”.
All in all “Kosmophonon” ain’t bad, but not that good either.



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