State Azure – Cadwell´s Reach

State Azure - Cadwell´s Reach


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State Azure – Cadwell’s Reach
Digital Download, Private Release, 2022

State Azure is the nom-de-plume of talented UK synthesist/producer Patrick Unsworth who has built quite an impressive, lengthy discography by now. “Cadwell’s Reach” is a special one in there, featuring a beautifully rendered long-form (Blade Runner) soundscape -lasting for 1 hour and 45 minutes- that absolutely pleases the ear from start to finish.

It’s a profound moody, emotive piece offering an excellent set of lingering, shifting, and evolving atmospheres making up a soft glowing neon-lit future world under perpetual rainfall. I’d say it makes an ideal companion to escape from nowadays reality when things become too stressful or tiring. Being mesmerizing and soothing all the way, “Cadwell’s Reach” -most suitable for infinite playback- makes great headphone cinema. It’s highly recommended to all looking for exceptional ambiences traveling fluidly through space and time into the beyond.

For real addicts, there’s also a slightly tweaked version (extended to 4 hours!) of this evocative ambient-space work available on YouTube…




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