State Azure – Nova Sonus

State Azure - Nova Sonus

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State Azure – Nova Sonus

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2022

Here’s another invitation to travel into future worlds where it is left to the listener to form his own images of the delicately moulded off-world ambiences.

Calm and overtly lush imaginary soundscapes inspired by and/or rooted firmly in the rain-drenched, neon-lit world of Blade Runner make up the heart and soul of State Azure’s beautifully rendered “Nova Sonus”. Right from the start the listener is sucked gently into a beatless 1 hour and 53 minutes aural ethereal, a slow shifting and evolving home of weightless drones and textures dressed with assorted samples of distant thunderstorms, city sounds, radio chatter, and flying vehicles flybys as well as CS80 snippets.

Despite the full outcome not proving as strong and captivating as the epic “Cadwell´s Reach”, “Nova Sonus” still makes a chilled, must-listen for afficionados of profound ambient textures and atmospheric pads. I’d say Mr. Unsworth has once again surpassed himself.




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