Static Flux – Minus (-) 6

Static Flux - Minus (-) 6

Release data:

Static Flux – Minus (-) 6
CD-R, Oasis Productions/Akasa, 2006/2008

The first album under Oasis Productions’ “Sound As Music” concept on the Oasis label division Akasa is a release from Static Flux, aka the Canadian musician Jona Stuart.

The sonic outcome is described as “ambient layers, created by sampling environments and objects with a stereo microphone, then modifying those sounds via loops and digital effects”.
It is actually a compilation of ambient, noise, and mildly instrumental tracks culled from Jona Stuart’s earlier years (2000-2002) of audio work.

Well, listening to this 17-track longform recording feels like passing through various stages of chillingness, creating a desolated, alienating and even ghostly sonic environment.
The sixth track features a pulsating sequence, around which slow morphing textures and effects slowly turn and shape shift. But thereafter, things meander forth in hypnotizing, mesmerizing otherworldly ambience with experimental edges.

Overall, this alternative ambient is not exactly my cup of tea, but those who wish to broaden their horizon or an adventurous pair of ears should consider checking it out.



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