Stefan Erbe – Driver

Stefan Erbe - Driver

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Stefan Erbe – Driver
CD, Erbe Music, 2010

This is my first encounter with the music of German synthesist Stefan Erbe, who describes the music as “a soundtrack for a special night drive”. From the cd booklet, I also learned the physical version of “Driver” is an extended version, containing 74-minutes/15 tracks, while the download edition contains 12 pieces.

Well, when checking out the music, it’s wise to keep an eye on your speedometer if you should decide to play “Driver” in your car while being on the way, as this up-tempo and rhythmic music can be the reason for various speeding tickets.

Stefan uses lots of infectious, bouncing and joyous sequencers patterns, making his spatial music rapidly shift into higher gear. While executing his own style, one can also hear jazzy undercurrents next to influences of e.g. Brainwork or Kraftwerk in his danceable and groovy music. Fortunately, there are also a few pieces that take the slower lane, such as the more chill-out “Water on Glass”.

“Drive” is a cool cd and should be fun for those who love general melodic, up-tempo electronics.


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