Stefan Erbe – Genesys

Stefan Erbe - Genesys

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Stefan Erbe – Genesys

With “Genesys” (subtitled: a journey of virtual spacedesign and artificial intelligence) German synthesist Stefan Erbe offers his listeners an album of fresh modern space music, contemporary melodic/rhythmic electronics inspired by and committed to a cosmic theme.

The slower, more spherical tracks -mostly found in the first half- don’t stray far from Ultimae’s down tempo music from several years ago while certain comparison to Schiller’s work also come to mind. As the 64-minute album progresses Stefan’s music is shifting into higher gear more often delivering several upbeat tracks and even a dance take (“Incomplete”).
I imagine the presentation of the recording with cracking visuals in a German planetarium in November 2017 must have been quite a spectacle.


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