Stefan Erbe & Steve Baltes – A-11

Stefan Erbe & Steve Baltes - A-11

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Stefan Erbe & Steve Baltes – A-11

Here’s another electronic album inspired by the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. The music on “A-11”, the third full-length collaboration of these skilled German synthesists, is comprised of material performed at Observatory Hagen and ATT–Essen. I’m not familiar with the music played live on these occasions, but the high-tech contemporary electronics created in the studio environment create a very nice, pulsating vibe spiced with some electronic dance music-hints (e.g. the beat-driven, high-energy “One Time in History”) along its 79-minute playing time. As the album progresses these become so prominent one would almost forget “A-11” also features various calming soundscapes with strong visual impact.


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