Stellardrone – Light Years

Stellardrone - Light Years

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Stellardrone – Light Years
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Energostatic records, 2013

In my ongoing search for interesting ambient space music I ran into the music of Lithuanan composer Edgaras Žakevičius and his 6th album “Light Years”.

On the menu are ten tracks ranging from lush, harmonic and warm ambientspace soundscapes to symphonic-oriented, sequencer-rhythmic spiced excursions with a gentle dose of melody. “Eternity” is a very fine rendered piece made out of of captivating sound design remembering of Wavestar’s “Moonwind” (but without solos) while the minimalist “In Time” carries hints of TD’s “Love on a Real Train”. “Comet Halley” is the most up-tempo and commercial-melodic piece found here, though the drum sounds a bit artificial and thin.

Despite these slight flaws, “Light Years” makes an attractive (at times rather mainstream-oriented) 44-minute output I rate slightly above average. Still, this guy’s music would certainly benefit from a thicker sound, more body plus improved mastering to elevate and strengthen its intrinsic magic.
This and Stellardrone’s previous releases are available for free from Edgaras Bandcamp site in various audio formats.



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