Stephan Whitlan – Inertial Moments

Stephan Whitlan - Inertial Moments

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Stephan Whitlan – Inertial Moments
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 1997

“Inertial Moments” is actually a live (and also pretty rare) album by Irish synthesist Stephan Whitlan. It contains a recording of a concert performed at The Flowerpot, Derby on April 6, 1997, also featuring a rare chance to hear Stephan playing the accordion.

Although the sound quality isn’t the best and brightest besides Stephan’s not too accurate playing, the vibrant music itself showcases the enthusiast playing style of Mr Whitlan, kicking off with “Freak of Geometry”. On many spots on the 74-minute album, the talented Mr Whitlan gives his best on the Mini Moog, while some organ parts kick in as well. The drum parts very much resemble those from the UK-league of John Dyson & co.

Meanwhile, the joyous and highly sequenced “Inertial Moments” is available as digital download from MusicZeit.

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