Stephen Bacchus – The Memory Tap

Stephen Bacchus - The Memory Tap  


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Stephen Bacchus – The Memory Tap
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2021

With “The Memory Tap”, Canadian musician Stephen Bacchus (aka Grant Mackay) delivers his 10th album, a release tapping into Grant’s most distant sound and music memory with the aim to integrate earlier sound and music explorations (that started in the mid ‘’80s) into his overall composer identity.

The outcome (13 tracks in total) is not easy to pinpoint, ranging from easy-going, melodic, and simplistic (e.g. the first three and the last four tracks), ethno-flavored outings (“In the Garden of Night”, “A Chameleon’s True Colours”) to nicely executed imaginary, fluid ambient (“Dreaming in Sanukit”) that’s more up my alley. The 7-minute, bit more pastoral-angled “Textured Fields of View” fits in the same category, which also applies to the lush-swirling, atmospheric (but also kind of weird-ish) “Between Earth and Space”.

But in the end,  the largest part of the 62-minute release sounds like neither meat nor fish to my ears…



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